So I had the privilege of being invited by Valve to this year’s The Internationals 5. For those of you who don’t know, its like the finals of the NBA but for a big MOBA game called “Dota 2”.


The magic moment happened when Valve sent me an email saying I was invited. Of course, i cleared up that month for the trip! My brother, Random Smiley Face Guy got invited as well (of course).


This is my custom contributor badge i received!

When I arrived, i had to go to will call to pick up my custom contributor badge. Time for an awesome 7 day experience!!! 😀


One of the requirements for the invite was operating a meet and greet station where fans can come and communicate with me. I gave away signed artwork.


I bumped into my buddy Kunkka and Cottontail, both Workshop artists for Dota 2. Kunkka is trying to give me a gang sign.


Bumped into Teddy  Blanc, another workshop artist who had a neat idea of compiling a bunch of art from other workshop artists into a coffee table art book!

Neat eh?

Found the piece i did for a set i worked on with my brother, “Random Smiley Face Guy”


And heres the piece i did for Sven!

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